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Writing Research Papers

So much time in college is spent writing research papers that it's easy to get lost in the subject matter and overlook the bigger picture. There are so many things to learn by this process that the academic lesson might sometimes seem the least important.

Writing research papers trains the student to focus his thoughts and time on a particular subject or issue in order to see the underlying events, circumstances, and developments in much clearer detail. This ability to focus intently on one issue will prove invaluable in the workplace, especially if a position in research is desired. Developing the skill of seeing and understanding the underlying issues of a situation will make for a better personnel manager and will be invaluable when the student becomes a parent.


The ability to establish and meet deadlines is another life lesson developed when writing research papers. College life may seem too busy to keep up with sometimes but it's nothing compared to juggling a job, a family, finances, personal time, car repairs, mortgage payments, and other time commitments which will certainly come after graduation.

Effective use of language and communication skills is honed when writing research papers. We all want to be understood and there's no better way to exercise these skills than putting your thoughts into written word. Every person you encounter for the rest of your life will appreciate effective communication skills.

Good organization skills will make writing research papers easier and less time consuming. The same organization skills can be utilized when dealing with most other aspects of the student's life as well and will prove invaluable time and time again throughout the graduate's life.

Each research paper will come with specific instructions for format, length, scope, and grammatical style. Writing within these constraints will exercise the student's ability follow instructions effectively and will help later on should the graduate find him- or herself in a position to issue similar directives.

With the prevalence of cheap pre-written research papers available today on every college campus and on hundreds of websites, it's tempting to spend a few bucks, probably Daddy's, to get something – anything! – on paper to turn in on time. But isn't this a shallow approach to the richest learning experience life will bring your way? Cheaper and faster may be attributes desired in the electronics industry but wouldn't you rather graduate from college a complete, mature human being than a quick, one-dimensional robot merely using the system?

Go ahead. Write it yourself.