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There are likely to be many times in life when writing a paper of some sort is necessary. Many of us dread the mere thought of such a task with almost the same aversion as we feel to speaking before a large audience. Either challenge done well can generate a great sense of pride and self accomplishment so don't let it intimidate you too much.

Writing a paper is actually a pretty straightforward procedure. We are called upon to write a paper for specific reasons in specific settings with specific guidelines to follow. Paying close attention to those specifics and building your paper around them can easily accomplish the mission.


The message to be conveyed is usually the most creative aspect of writing a paper. The subject matter, audience, and intent of the project work together to generate an idea from which to build the paper.

The subject matter determines the style for writing a paper. A paper written for academic purposes will feel different than the paper written for a job promotion or career move. A paper written for publication in a local newspaper, perhaps alerting the community to potential problems or announcing a new business opening or event, will have a different feel than the others.

When writing a paper, it is a wise idea to remember your audience and write to them specifically. If the paper is of an academic nature, the audience is the professor or review board who will be reading your paper. Your boss or potential employer or client will read papers written for the business arena and your friends and neighbors will be the audience for writing about local public issues and events.

The intent to keep in mind when writing a paper is the reason for the writing in the first place. An academic paper will be written on assignment as part of a grade and will need to demonstrate a student's understanding of the subject matter. A business paper will also demonstrate the writer's understanding of the subject matter and may be assigned, too, but it's often written voluntarily for the sake of career advancement. A paper written for the local public audience can be written in very serious, stern fashion when warnings and precautions are the intent of the paper or they can be light-hearted and entertaining when conveying a more friendly, relaxed message.

Regardless of the reason for writing a paper, it's always a good idea to keep in mind who your audience is. From there, just start “talking” to that person on paper. You might be amazed at how easily and quickly the words flow and, before you know it, the message is complete. - Offers thousands of FREE essays and term papers. Download one now.