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Sample Research Paper

Although there are a number of sources on which we can rely to find the mechanics, guidelines, and details of writing research papers, many of us are more comfortable facing such a formidable challenge when we have a sample research paper to use as reference. Fortunately, there are a number of places we can find them.

Often our college professors have copies of their own research papers available for review or they have copies of impressive papers written by previous students. The college or university library might have a sample research paper on the topic you are looking for and the local public library might prove to be a good source, too.


Many of us have older brothers or sisters who successfully finished college and have hung on to their papers. After all, so much time and effort is spent writing them, it seems almost a shame to throw them away. Perhaps you can borrow one of theirs to use as a sample research paper for whatever subject you are working on.

Parents who attended college are another good source for finding a sample research paper. Many parents attended college in their youth as is so traditional but many of us have parents attending college at a later time in their lives. Those papers written in earlier collegiate days may be a bit outdated as far as style and other requirements are concerned, though; ready access to computers and the internet have generated many changes in college life from then to now.

If all else fails, the internet itself offers a plethora of sources for the student looking for a sample research paper. These research papers are often for sale but are not a wise idea to the serious student who understands the academic value achieved by doing the work him- or herself. These internet papers are often shallow, formulaic, and irrelevant to the real needs of a student.

Regardless of where you find it, the sample research paper is out there. So if you are procrastinating and haven't even started your own research yet because you want to see a good example first, you have no more excuses. Just ask around.