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You've finally made it. You're in college now, the semester has started, and you've been assigned research papers on every subject under the sun. The big question is how to narrow every subject under the sun down to just one angle that intrigues you enough to stay focused and interested for the next several months.

Research papers on people famous in history or current events might seem to present no dilemma but a successful paper sure to earn high marks from your professor will narrow the scope of this person to a unique perspective all your own. What were the childhood influences that guided this person to become influential in the first place? What influenced his or her parents? If this person became a parent, what kind of parent was he or she in relation to their public achievements?


Historic events provide many interesting angles and research papers on these different perspectives make interesting research and reading. In a war, what were the weapons used and who thought of them? Who designed the soldiers' uniforms and why those designs? What influences of the event were apparent in entertainment of the time, such as in song, on TV, or in the movies?

Science classes might lead you to write research papers on what life was like before the invention, medical breakthrough, or physical law was known. Research papers on legal issues might describe a legal system and the resulting lifestyle if a particular law was never or is no longer in existence.

Back in high school, the teacher usually fixed guidelines for research papers on different topics. In college, research papers allow the student the opportunity to think more outside the box. There's bound to be something about a particular topic that piques your interest so indulge in the freedom of choice offered in college to explore that unusual angle.

Who knows where your research will lead you – a new major maybe or exciting new career opportunities you hadn't yet considered? Scientific breakthroughs? Or what about a Pulitzer or Nobel Prize?

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