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FAQ About Selling Your Papers on Say Essay

How do I get paid?

You'll need to have a Paypal account. You'll submit your paper to our website. If we decide to take it, we'll send you payment promptly (most likely within 48 hours, but perhaps as long as a week). If we choose not to take it, we will send you a note confirming that we are not buying your paper and we will delete your paper from our records. We will never use your paper without paying you. We will keep your contact information and paper topic on file because we may contact you with specialized requests in the future, depending on your fields of interest, quality of writing, and interest in doing more.

How much do you pay?

We pay $2 per 300 words, with a $5 minimum payment. In other words, if you write a 400-word essay and we accept it, you'll get $5. If you write a long research paper of 6,000 words (about 20 pages) you'll get $40. If you write 8 papers per semester, at an average of 1500 words, and we accept all of them, you'll get $80. Over the course of your college career, $80 per semester would add up to $640...or $800 if you're on the five-year plan... all for work you're doing anyway! (However, don't stuff unnecessary extra words into your writing just to get another $2--it will lower the quality of your paper and make us less likely to accept it.)

Are you guys just interested in long research papers?

No. We are also interested in shorter papers of various styles, including more journalistic or personal pieces, as long as they relate to one of the Hot Topics.

How do you decide whether or not to accept a paper?

A paper must meet all of the following criteria to be accepted:
1. It must be written by you, not plagiarized.
2. It should be well-written (consider revising your paper based on your professor's comments to increase your chances of acceptance). Checking your spelling and grammar is a must.
3. It should be accurate.
4. It must be on a topic that suits our needs. (This varies; if you meet criteria 1-3 and your paper is still not accepted, it probably just wasn't the right topic at the right time. If we like your writing, we may contact you with future opportunities.)

I'm a high school student, not a college student. Will you still buy my paper?

If you are 18, you can sell your papers to us. We are interested in all quality writing on our desired topics.

Why would you want to buy my paper?

We have a network of contacts to whom we may sell your paper for publication on the web. We assume all the financial risk; once we buy your paper, we may or may not be able to resell it. Your paper will be published on the web if it is sold. For this reason, we also recommend that you sell us your paper only after you have been graded for the course for which it was written--if we sell your paper immediately and it gets published online right away, we'd hate for your professor to think you plagiarized what is, in fact, your original work.

Do I get any credit for my work when it is published online?

No. Most of our clients are interested in "ghostwritten" material--meaning the work will not be credited to you. Your work should be previously unpublished and by selling it to us, you agree not to sell it again elsewhere. Your paper becomes our property and we may shorten or revise it as necessary. When we sell it, it becomes the property of our client. However, we will keep your information on file (name, contact info, and paper topic) so that if you are interested in future writing opportunities, we can contact you.

Why did you reject my paper?

There are a few possibilities: either the writing was not quite good enough, the specific paper topic didn't meet our needs, there were factual errors, or it was plagiarized.

Okay, sounds good! I want to sell my paper.

Additional questions? Send us email at editor [-@-] sayessay [-dot-] com