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The years many of us spend in college are often fondly remembered later as the best years of our lives. This phase of life is often spent exploring freedoms we never had at home with the parents, meeting lots of new interesting people, all those parties, parties, parties, and . . . those dreaded college research papers!

Most students cringe at the mere thought of those dreaded college research papers but they probably aren't going to go away any time soon. They've been around as long as we've had colleges but getting them written has certainly changed with the advent of the computer and cheap, easy access to the internet.


Your parents and theirs were doomed to spend countless hours pouring over stacks and stacks of books culled from a seemingly endless row of books in drafty libraries in every college in the nation, all because the semester was drawing to a rapid close and all those college research papers were coming due. Late nights, even all the night from time to time, were often spent at the library by the diligent student striving for the best grades as well as the procrastinating student just trying to find enough words to put on paper to get the job done. If not at the library, many bleary-eyed students could be found dozing off at their dorm room desks trying to find the perfect word or properly format mind-numbing bibliography as the midnight oil burned on and on.

Nowadays, however, college research papers can be gotten with just the click of the mouse and a quick exchange of cyber-cash. No actual research, writing, or time need be expended at all. At every student's fingertips, there are writers around the world eager to do the research and write the paper for any subject imaginable, all for a very small fee or even no fee at all in some cases.

What's a student to do about all these choices for getting those college research papers turned in before deadline? Is it a good idea to invest the time and effort involved in writing the paper yourself and maybe even actually learn something from the experience? Or is meeting the deadline at any cost more important in order to free up valuable time that could be spent on other classes or the job, with a new love, or at the hottest party on campus?

These are the kinds of questions that probably won't be answered until much later. Later, as in when the student has become a parent of a college student and is fondly recalling his or her own college years. After all, they were the best years of our lives.

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